Mike and Linda Sasso

Episode Summary Continuing in Ephesians 5, reading on through verses 30 and 31. Mike drives home the point that husbands and wives must understand that they are not two, but one entity. All decisions and plans must be made together, not as two distinct people.   Look Up is expanding! Beginning in September, Look Up will be increasing broadcast from a 30-minute program to a 60-minute program. The show will still be a live call-in show but will have a slightly different format due to the increased amount of time. Mike and Linda are looking to compile a list of listener questions to answer whenRead More →

Every Christian Parent faces a daily dilemma: How can I bring up my children to be people of character in a culture that undermines my values? Here on Family Talk, media and cultural expert Rebecca Hagelin shares practical strategies for raising children of character. This book is the third edition, and includes a chapter on marriage. The first thing you do is wake up with a prayer in your heart for the day ahead of you. Your battle is not with your child, but with the enemy that behind it. What makes children happiest in life, are relationships with their mothers and fathers. Parents haveRead More →