Mike and Linda Sasso

Episode Summary Today, Mike and Linda continue the discussions about divorce. There are very few biblical reasons for divorce, and they begin covering unbiblical reasons for divorce. They want to talk about God’s will when someone is contemplating divorce that is not supported by biblical grounds. Mike and Linda discuss pornography in relation to divorce, as well as covering many other issues related to marriage and divorce.   ○   ○   ○   Connect with the Sassos  Join Mike and Linda live on the air 2:30 – 3:30 PM MST Tuesday through Friday. You can call in at (208) 377-3790 or text (208) 891-2635. Check outRead More →

Mike and Linda Sasso

A Godly Marriage is Founded on Godly Individuals Episode Summary On today’s show, Mike and Linda converse with a live caller about the many issues she was dealing with in her marriage. The discussion between the Sassos and the caller revolve around what is acceptable and what is not within a marriage relating to porn and other forms of sexual sin, especially concerning infidelity. Mike reminds the caller that before her marriage can be saved, her husband must have a holy fear that leads him to confess and repent of his sins. Until that happens, a healthy marriage is not possible. A key scripture thatRead More →

This morning Doug is talking to Stephen Ammann. Stephen is a certified Sexual Addiction Therapist. Doug and Stephen are getting into the science of addiction and the treatment thereof. Stephen often treats patients using EMDR. EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, uses bilateral stimulation of the brain to pull thoughts and connections from one side of the brain to the other. Read More →

Something Amiss Listen Now Pornography is hurting a lot of marriages. Vicki Tiede knows. Formerly married to a pornography user, Vicki recalls the confusion she felt over her husband’s disinterest in sex, beginning on the honeymoon. But after finding inappropriate magazines, and concerned about the amount of time he was spending on the computer, she finally put two and two together. Distraught and pregnant, she sought help from her pastor and recommitted her life and her marriage to Christ.Read More →

Exposing the Darkness It takes courage to break an addiction. Craig and Jen Ferguson, authors of the book, “Pure Eyes, Clean Heart,” talk to Dennis Rainey about their dating years. Jen recalls asking Craig if he viewed porn, and Craig admitted that he did, but what guy didn’t? Jen tucked his answer away in her heart. Little did she know that his response would later come back to haunt her –  Listen Now  Read More →