Mike and Linda Sasso

A Godly Marriage is Founded on Godly Individuals Episode Summary On today’s show, Mike and Linda converse with a live caller about the many issues she was dealing with in her marriage. The discussion between the Sassos and the caller revolve around what is acceptable and what is not within a marriage relating to porn and other forms of sexual sin, especially concerning infidelity. Mike reminds the caller that before her marriage can be saved, her husband must have a holy fear that leads him to confess and repent of his sins. Until that happens, a healthy marriage is not possible. A key scripture thatRead More →

If a woman approaches you and begins to talk about her relationship troubles with her husband how long should you listen? Mike and Linda today answer a question about men counseling women. If a women approaches you need to run and protect yourself from falling into an affair and sin. Look Up Archive PageRead More →