Беседа на тему “Кто больше, Соломон или Иисус?”. На сегодняшний день, Христианство теряет силу свидетельства и силу духа. В программе так-же читает Любовь Коротких выдержки из книги “Потоки в Степи” и пение группы “Набат”. Discussion about who is greater, Solomon or Jesus? Today’s Christianity is losing power of witness and glory of devotion to Christ. Also included in the program is Streams in the Desert read by Lyubov Korotkih and music by Nabat.Read More →

Life point

Life Point is an inspirational show that airs at 8:45 am Monday – Thursday on 94.1 The Voice. Tom Dougherty of the Cloverdale Church of God seeks to share God’s truth and interview people who have experienced an encounter with the Lord. They are never the same but in every show He seeks to lift up the name of Jesus.Read More →