Mike and Linda Sasso

Episode Summary Today’s broadcast of Look Up takes a detour of the topics Mike and Linda have been covering in order to give listeners an opportunity to call into the show to discuss the Brett Kavanaugh supreme court nomination and hearings. This has been a very confusing topic, maybe with not even enough evidence to prove either side is right, so Mike and Linda want to give listeners an opportunity to discuss all the possibilities. They ask the question, how do you know when you are getting all the facts straight? How should a person’s past and what they did as a teenager affect theirRead More →

With the Supreme Court’s recent ruling revising many laws governing marriage in the United States, the church of Jesus Christ finds itself at odds with the law of the land. This Is It … or Is It? Air Date: 2015-07-01 With this week’s Supreme Court decision regarding United States’ marriage laws, the furor around the redefinition of marriage will finally die down… or will it? Pastor Bob Lepine delivers a sober assessment of what the next steps of relational redefinition might hold for America, and for the church.   http://web.familylifetoday.com/fl2015-07-01-preempt.mp3 What Now Shall We Do? Air Date: 2015-06-30 Now that the Supreme Court of theRead More →