Living as Intended

Today on Living As Intended, Dr. B is in with Pastor Rick Dorey. Rick and his wife are patients of Dr. B’s and have experienced a relief of ongoing back pain and have even found an improvement in their vision! Pastor Rick also runs an amazing farm in Emmett, ID called New Choices Farm. Check out the Living As Intended Archive Page Visit the website at WAYS TO SUBSCRIBE Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe via Stitcher Subscribe via RSS KEEP IN TOUCH We read everything. So if you want to show your support or if you have suggestions for us, touch base with us on Facebook. FacebookRead More →

Posted by Ravi Zacharias on March 17, 2016 When you think of temptation, what’s the first thing that comes to find? We usually think of sexual temptations, but there’s a more common and often more accepted temptation that tempts pastors and Christian ministries. Ravi Zacharias takes a deeper look at this danger on today’s Just Thinking.Read More →