Testimony from Ana Beth – A Hardworking and Busy Mom

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If you are a mom, you have to hear this one! Why do you moms need chiropractic why to kids need chiropractic? As a mom even the simplest of motions can cause pain. Does leaning over the crib to lay your baby down put you on the floor? Maybe looking over shoulder while driving can make you dizzy and give you a sharp pain in your neck. Are you just to busy with young kids to come into the office?

Ana Beth is a hard working, busy mom who experienced these symptoms and more. When she finally decided to stop simply putting up with the pain she got better. Don’t just deal with these symptoms but heal your body so you can enjoy life rather than just putting up with it.

Dr. B is also talking about the World’s Cheapest Home Gym and a term he coined, “Towelpractic.”

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