Testimony from Denny Freisen – Coffee Enemas and Colonics

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Dr. B is in and he’s talking about all kinds of Topics.

First, what is Sin? Everyone has a different definition. Dr. is looking at a devotional from Smith Wigglesworth that talks about sin, sickness and disease. Did God send us disease and sickness or is it Satan’s doing? Why would God allow Satan to bring us sickness and disease? If we are unhealthy and sick, we can be so easily distracted from worshiping God for the joy and life that he gives us.

Denny Freisen is a new client of Dr. B’s and is sharing his testimony of the effects chiropractic on his daily life. Denny was a normal guy who experienced back pain and sudden back spasms but is experiencing relief and is getting better at knowing when his body has reached it’s limits.

Dr. B is also talking about back pain, enemas and colonics and their links to cancer and the prevention of.

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