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It’s a Music Show that’s breaking away from the mainstream. You can Listen each weekend on Saturday at 10 PM MT as weekend expand your horizons in Christian Music. The Voice Underground focuses on playing talented artist in the christian realm that don’t hit the mainstream. We also focus on bringing the gospel message to those that will hear it from a new generation of leaders.

We have artists like Waken, Rivers and Robots, Judah Lee, Ghost Ship, Kings Kaleidoscope and Lot More! Don’t know them… then you’ll definitely want to tune in!

Oct 24, 2015

Featuring Preston Sprinkle, “Why Millennials are Leaving the Church?”

Also Featuring Music from Josh Garrels, Jon Foreman, Pacific Gold, Eikon and Anya Rose!

Oct 17, 2015

Featuring Max Buchanan and Lamp in the Dark

Also Featuring Waken, Rives and Robots, Judah Lee, Kings Kaleidoscope and more!

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  1. Hey Justin I’ve been hooked on your podcast the voice underground. I’m 64 been playing and experimenting with varied music types and styles since age 13. The Lord Jesus reached down His grace to me at 21. Been scripture singing since. Keep up your Spirit guided ministry.

    1. I started with older podcasts. Just finished Big O. It’s given me a better appreciation for hip hop and rap. Mainstream is over rated. I love the folks you bring on your show. I’m really into Josh Garrels. Awesome messenger. I’ve shared your show with many. Im in North west Loisianna. Love to get up your way in Boisie some day.

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