Trans World Radio is our Ministry of the Month

As a small Army-surplus transmitter went on the air in Tangier, Morocco, in early 1954, the first step had been taken toward the development the world’s largest evangelical media organization – Trans World Radio.

TWR: The First Sixty from TWR on Vimeo.

Let’s Cover Cuba with the Gospel

For the next month KBXL is teaming up with TWR in an effort to share the Gospel with 50 Million more people in Latin America.

In 1898, American military forces helped drive the Spanish out of Cuba. By 1902, Cuba had won independence and established its own government. Friendship and trade created strong bonds between the two neighboring nations.

Then politics got in the way of friendship and unfortunately that friendship ceased in 1959 with the communist takeover.

The Lord still loves the people of Cuba and He desires to have a relationship with them. But how do they learn about God’s love when you simply cannot build a Christian radio station in Cuba?

God has a solution. You can help upgrade TWR’s radio signal into Cuba allowing God’s Word to be heard as if TWR’s station is right there in Cuba.

After many months of upgrades and new construction at our Caribbean station on the island of Bonaire, we are preparing to install a 450,000-watt transmitter.

With it, we will reach farther and stronger with programs in Spanish and several other languages across not only the entire nation of Cuba but also large portions of Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, and other countries of the Caribbean and Latin America.

So help us and TWR reach 50 million more listeners in the countries of Latin America.
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