True Faith – Andy Boettcher

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Faith: a small, seemingly simple word with enormous importance. After all, people talk about personal beliefs, right? In “God We Trust” emblazons U.S. coinage. And we do call it the Christian faith. Many evangelical believers (there’s that word again) are quick to acknowledge salvation is not by works, but through faith (Rom. 3:20,22,24,26; Eph. 2:8-9). But what is meant by this word “faith,” really? How should we understand its meaning in Scripture and why is it not only important, but inescapably necessary for salvation? This Sunday, Pastor Andy, retired Associate Pastor at FBC, talks about what Biblical faith really is and why true faith is a necessity for salvation. Grasp a clearer understanding of Biblical faith by means of his “famous” Two Chairs and Light Switch demonstrations. You’ve got to be there to see them!