The Most Unlikely Missionary on Earth – Mark 5:1-20 – Bruce Young

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I have had the good fortune of meeting a few government ambassadors in my lifetime. I have always been impressed by their abilities. They are typically very well-educated, very well-spoken, have a very high relational I.Q., and are generally liked by everyone around them.

So, when Jesus points in our direction and says, “You are my ambassador” I turn around to see who is standing behind me. Because surely he cannot mean ME!

This Sunday, we will meet someone in the Gospels less qualified to be an ambassador than anyone I know of, even me! He is perhaps the most unlikely ambassador that Jesus ever chose to represent His kingdom. There wasn’t one single redeeming quality about this man. Nevertheless, Jesus touched him and changed his life. We find His story told in three of the four gospels. If you would like to read ahead, take a look at the story of the Gerasene Demoniac in Mark 5:1-20. It’s fascinating. I’ve entitled the message, “The Most Unlikely Missionary on Earth.” I can’t wait to share about him this Sunday. Hope you will join us.

Grace and Truth is a ministry of First Baptist Church in Boise that airs each Sunday morning at 8:30 AM MST. Each broadcast is the teaching of Pastor Bruce Young and other First Baptist Pastors. Their hope is that you are able to connect with God and able to move toward extraordinary living through what you hear and experience.

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