What is in Your Backyard?
Overcoming Buffaloes

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There are times when we feel our talents, gifts and experiences do not provide us with the life we want. We think if only we had such and such life would be better. People leave towns for better ones. Some people leave jobs in search of better paying ones. Some people even leave their spouses and/or children in search of better relationships elsewhere.

It is not unusual for people not to know the potential they have while searching and laboring for something the may not mature.

Vincent shares the story of an African man who sells his land in order to search for diamonds elsewhere. Little did he know that the largest source of diamonds in Africa were located on the land that he had sold.

Today Vincent is sharing some tips to help you find out what is in your own backyard. Who knows – you might just find a Diamond!


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Vincent is also the President of Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope that helps orphans, children of widows and those from poverty-stricken families by providing housing and education. There are hundreds of families and children with hope for a better tomorrow that they never had, because of the support they have received from Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope.

You can learn more at CaringHeartsandHandsofHope.org