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  1. I can identify myself with Samson from hebrews. A lot of people will. God gave to me super smarts and strength and I abused the privilege because of the alluring glow of the thing called pride. I have murdered in my heart because I would NOT forgive those who went against me. It was only until I saw what I had done and felt the pain of loneliness without God that I understood that you have total war victory over your enemies when you asked to be forgiven. It was cool though because Samson got justice in the end and he gave up his life for his friends. Pretty noble thing. I want to live but I also want to die for my friends if need be. God would make it easy. But so far I’m alive and God still gives my enemies to me. I hate what they do and they hate me but I’ve learned to pray for them. So that they will be like Samson. So that they will have understanding

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