Extra with Doug Hardy

Overcoming Buffaloes with Vincent Kituku

Matt Slick Live

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Matt Slick Live is a 60-minute program which airs Monday-Friday from 3-4 PM MST here on 94.1 The Voice. You can call in and talk to Matt at 877-207-2276. Matt Slick is your full-contact theologian. Check out the CARM (Christian Apologetics Research Ministry) website owned and run by Matt that gets over 2 million page views every month.

Look Up

Game Plan For Life

Game Plan For Life

10 Social Muscles with Jon Strain: #4 Questions

Skip is in with Jon Strain talking about Social Muscle #4 – Questions. Ask great questions. Jon calls it People Wondering. Have you wondered why you really don’t seem to know even the closest people around you? People loved to be explored. Skip and Jon are diving in to this topic telling us why this social muscle is so important.

Thru the Bible

Vernon McGee

Leviticus 14

Thru the Bible takes listeners through the entire Bible in just five years, threading back and forth between the Old and New Testaments. You can begin the study at any time. When we’ve concluded Revelation, we’ll start over again in Genesis, so if you’re with us for five years you won’t miss any part of the Bible.

Living As Intended

Living as Intended

Reviving a Dead Heart – Robert Jesssen

Dr. B has shares a testimonial from Robert Jessen. In 2005, 75% of Robert’s heart was deemed DEAD after a heart attack. Since he has been seeing Dr. Baker, things have completely changed. His heart is now 75% ALIVE according to his medical doctor. The medical doctor can’t figure it out… Listen to how it happened!