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Episode 144: Leviticus 3:1-17 – The Peace Offering

The Lord gives Moses instructions for presenting the last voluntary sacrifice at the tabernacle– the peace offerings, also known as the fellowship offerings.

673 – MORNING – Phil Moran – Christ Presbyterian Church

Today in the studio is Phil Moran. Phil is the pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church and they meet each Sunday at the Meridian Senior Center in Kleiner Park.

Phil is in talking about The Reformation. Why did Martin Luther first nail his 95 theses to the Wittenberg Church? Why does it matter for us today?

The Gospel Changes Everything

The Lord of Las Vegas Pt. 2

Without true repentance for sin, there is no escaping eternal ruin.

Life point

LPP: Commitment Pt. 2

Life Point Plus is an inspirational show that focuses on marriage counseling. Life Point Plus airs every Friday at 8:45 AM MST and is hosted by Gary Moore of the

It Doesn't Stop Here

We have many local pastors and churches that host a program here on our station. Click to hear more great teaching!

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